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Rooms: The facility is in rooms 6129, 6033a, 6033 & 6123 of the Thurston Bowles building - (Google map). 


Note for rooms 6033 & 6033A please enter via room 6129 (see map below):

Location: Thurston Bowles (Google maps) is at the junction of Manning Drive and South Columbia Street, Chapel Hill (Mapquest | Google Maps).  GPS:  35.903829, -79.054389


New bridge across Manning Drive to the Thurston Bowles building (View from Dental Research building)


Winter of 2014/5 - Mariso Hall (corner of Mason Farm Rd & West Drive)

Visitor Parking: Is available in the: -

On workdays after 5 p.m. and before 7:30 a.m. street permit parking spaces require payment monday to thursday on a parking app for non permit holders.   These spaces are free Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings.  Please read parking signs carefully.

Street Map 

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