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Nikon TE2000U  Dual mode / Time lapse / Ratio Imaging  Microscope


This high performance widefield microscope system can perform complex and rapid acquisition tasks such as time lapse, fura-2 and other ratio imaging, rapid filter changes, red light DIC with fluorescence (dual mode) and color capture of transmitted light samples.  Optical modes of operations are transmitted light, DIC (Nomarski), Phase contrast & Fluorescence.  A high sensitivity CCD camera as well as an intensified CCD camera are available.  See facility personnel about these functions before using the microscope. 

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Powering up: - (if everything is off)


Setting up for transmitted light imaging
--> If transmitted illumination is not required then go to "for fluorescence only" below

Setting up for fluorescence light imaging

Dual imaging head setup for Fura-2 and transmitted light imaging

We can setup for Fura-2 & CFP & YFP at your request.  E.g. see this ref. J. Physiology 589, 2437

Open this section only for printing: Acquiring Images Using SimplePCI with the DVC-1412 or DVC-1312


Powering down

Equipment Information



Filter Switchers


Dual imaging head

        Dichroic wheel positions:

  1. 100% to camera on Morpheus computer
  2. 100% to camera on Wheatstone computer
  3. Fura-2 dichroic for dual mode imaging
    Dual imaging head setup for Fura-2 and transmitted light imaging
  4. 100% to camera on Wheatstone computer


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