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Mapping to Shared Directories on MHMF computers



Mapping a shared directory to an unused drive letter is not essential, but makes finding and copying to the directory faster and more convenient. 

Open a command prompt box e.g. Start ---> Run type in cmd and press enter

Type in net  use  drive:  \\computer\shared-directory  /user:mhmicroscopy\username. e.g.  net use z: \\\slaney  /user:mhmicroscopy\michelle

Note: replace drive: with an unassigned drive letter and username with your MHMF username.  Also be careful to enter forward (/) and back (\) slashed correctly.

You will have to enter your password, which is case sensitive as usual.

Your done!

Removing the mapped drive letter:

net use drive: /delete

(Note that this just disconnects the drive letter from the contents and does not affect any files as long as transfers are not in progress.)

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