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Leica SP2 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

 Location: 6123 Thurston Bowles




New User Initial Setup

0.  Notices


Copy LCS parameter files from d:\users\_typical\lcs to d:\users\username\lcs
Do not use factory default settings since most parameters are not appropriate for our system





1. Notice To Users - Post System Clean Reinstall

Get default profiles from D:\USERS\_TYPICAL and copy to your user directory. viz. d:\users\

Network access at \\Laplace is restricted to \\Minsky

Please map \\Minsky\your-lab share to a drive letter.  Suggestion M: - Use Network Neighbourhood, browse to Minsky, expand shares, right click on your lab's share, select map drive letter.

Copy images to \\Minsky



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