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Leica SP2 Confocal - Switching Back to Dual Monitor Mode

Problem - have single monitor display when dual monitor display is required.

This occurs with some users' logons when the Leica Confocal Software (LCS) is upgraded.  Each user needs to perform the following operations in order to restore dual monitor display mode.

Do not change the Matrox  Millennium Settings!

Click on grey desktop region with the right mouse button and choose Properties

Display Properties window will appear

In the Display Properties window, choose the Settings tab

On the Desktop Area slider move the slider from 1280 by 1024 to the far right (2560 by 1024 pixels)


Press Apply, then press OK


In a few seconds the right hand monitor should light up

Dual monitor mode should persist during subsequent logins.


**If the second monitor is not activated by this procedure, the video card settings will need to be adjusted.  This is very rare.  Please see MHMF personnel for assistance.**

Version for printing

Problems: contact facility personnel

Leica Confocal Service and Support
866-830-0735    8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
serial number 155076
Note: if you contact Leica directly please inform facility personnel as well so that we can follow up.

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