Scheduled Power Outage for Thurston Bowles
Saturday Oct 21 7am-10am



The official email reads:
There will be a power outage in Thurston Bowles scheduled for Saturday October 21st between 7 and 10 AM
Emergency power will operate properly. Please be sure that equipment is properly connected and protected
There is typically a 10 second delay when emergency power comes on so computers require UPS as well as emergency power if they must run continuously.
If you have questions about this power outage please call Bob Marriot at 6-2441 or email at the address below.

Robert W. Marriott, Jr
Associate Dean
Planning, Resource Analysis and Management
School of Medicine
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
425 MacNider Hall
CB# 9510
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

TEL-  919-966-2441
FAX-  919-966-2444
CELL- 919-201-4262

mailto: Marriott@med.unc.edu





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